Pet Strap Production Line

Pet Strap Production Line

Our PET straps production line, which has broken through the traditional craft route, takes the 100% bottle slice for raw materials without any other complement and crystallization, adopts the advance technology to produce all kinds of polyester straps directly in a economical cost.As a rule, it taks the pet pellet as the raw material for the usual line. But our line can use the 100% pet flake as the raw material with our technology improvement.

We are engaged in offering a wide range of Pet Straps which are manufactured at our state of art PET strap production line plant. Our Pet strap production line is of  superior make Pet Strap Plants and is engineered with making use of genuine components for high efficiency product with low maintenance.Single screw or twin screw technique for option depending on the requirement100% recycled flakes can also be used for production

  • Even plasticization and stable extrusion with PC automatic control for the full Pet strap production line
  • The dosing pump ensures continuous and stable production
  • The filter of double columns with four working positions can get rid of impurity effectively
  • Option for Single strap or double strap production line.

Process Material: 100% PET Flake (Regrind and Washed)
Application: For making strap suitable for packaging of heavy cartoons, Pipes, boxes, pallets, crates etc.

Our Advantages:
Highest Production Capacity in the same class of machinery Specially designed control panel for saving up to 10% of Power Consumption Resulting in Optimum Product Coding compared to the Conventional Machinery of the same class