PET Straps For Packaging

PET Straps For Packaging

we are a leading manufacturer and supplier  of pet straps used for fastening and packaging solutions by various industries. PET straps are used

We make sure that the quality of PET straps manufactured at our unit is maintained and updated as per the existing industrial norms for developing flawless range of PET straps which are also exported to various countries globally.

PET Strapping is a an alternative packaging solution to steel strapping due to following facts :

Economical :Cost saving with the use of PET straps as compared to Steel strapping

Corrosion Free : Pet strap is rust free and chemically inert which is an advantage of its use over steel straps

Safety : PET strap are safe to use as no sharp cutting edges are notices which are prominent in Steel straps and PET straps  will not cut or damage product. PET strap create a safe work environment for user because it does not spring back when removed, reduced risk of injury while handling PET straps in packaging solutions

Impact Resistance : The impact resistance of PET strap is five times greater than Steel strap.

Elongation Recovery : Pet strap has slight elasticity and it tries to return to their original position under tension while steel strap has no elongation recovery.

Printing : Printing is possible on PET strap.

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