Advantages Of PET Straps

PET straps has beed widely accepted packaging straps and for fastening of products due it some advantages over other packaging straps made from other materials like Steel straps.

Following are the advantages of the PET Straps

Shock Loading / Impact Resistant :- PET STRAP performs well under "shock loading". When a heavu box strapped with "PET STRAP" is dropped while handling or transit of the pet strapped box it takes two and half times the energy to break as compared steel strap of comparable break strength because "PET STRAP" can absorb the sudden forces exerted.

Elasticity :- PET STRAP has high elasticity which enables it to maintains strap tension by contraction with the pack in the even of pack settlement these elasticity is not observed in steel straps.

Weather resistance: PET STRAPS is virtually unaffected by weather conditions. It is also resistant to UV rays and holds tension even in extreme of temperature and humidity.

Ease of handling : PET STRAP improve productivity being 6 times lighter than steel for a given length. consumes less storage space and substantially reduces manual labour and also transpotation cost.

Safe In Use :- PET STRAP creates a safe working environment since it does not has and sping back effect or sharp cutting edges which are found in steel straps and can lead to injuries in packaging operation.