PET Strapping band

Our infrastructure and production line of PET strapping band is constantly improving its production technology taking care of all quality parameter that has enabled our PET strapping band to attain a brand name in the international market of PET strapping. This is one of the prime reason that our product PET strapping are of the highest quality. The raw material is sourced from reputable suppliers which are quality tested for various paramenter before its used in our production line to manufacture highest quality of PET strapping band .

PET strapping bands is successfully replacing the steal tape strapping PET strapping bands is of good quality and resistance which allows precise and safe packing and fastening of any materials. Pet strapping are made of best quality polyester that fulfills all quality norms for any industrial packaging solutions. It can be used in an automatic, semi automatic  and manual straping for a diversified loads. Since polyester does not looses its characteristic under a high temperature, UV influence or bad weather condition. Breaking strength of the PET strapping is similar to the steel straps.

Depending on the need of our customer our PET strapping can be used for any various packaging purposes like  namely at welding all types of automatic machines and semi-automatic machines. Moreover our PET strapping bands can be manually connected with metal clamps.


  • Qualities of Steel Strap with an advantages of plastic straps
  • Light weight, uniform dimension & Extra Meterage
  • Low Elongation & High Retained tension
  • High tensile strength
  • Superior pliability & product protection
  • Easy to handly and extremely safe
  • Weather & UV resistant, environment friendly
  • Cost Efficient and economical
  • Available is various colors
  • Custom printing options

We have the modern facilities with state of art machines and equipment for producing PET strapping bands. Fully automatic and computer-controlled machines ensures very high precision in production.

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