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Pet Box Strapping

We are manufacturer of a wide range of PET box straps that are available in various specifications in terms of  shapes, sizes and other dimensional ... Full story

Wholesale PET Strap Suppliers

An Established company which is a reputed group of manufacturer and exporter of a wide range of Polyester (PET) Strapping ever since its inception and ... Full story

Pet Strap Production Line

Our PET straps production line, which has broken through the traditional craft route, takes the 100% bottle slice for raw materials without any other complement ... Full story

PET Straps For Packaging

we are a leading manufacturer and supplier  of pet straps used for fastening and packaging solutions by various industries. PET straps are used We make sure ... Full story

Advantages Of PET Straps

PET straps has beed widely accepted packaging straps and for fastening of products due it some advantages over other packaging straps made from other materials ... Full story

PET Strapping band

Our infrastructure and production line of PET strapping band is constantly improving its production technology taking care of all quality parameter that has enabled our ... Full story

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